Skyguard Smartkey functions

At the application status panel user can view settings and other features of your vehicle (like ignition, battery etc.). Users have the option turn on and off of the alarm or service mode (as the GPS device own function). Users can check the current position of the vehicle, users can search their vehicleby using the mapand my start navigation to or from the vehicle.

By using the latest mobile applications feature users may purchase annual e-vignette in a cost-effective way. With help of the Planner feature users can easily determine which county e-vignette they need. After a successful purchase of new county e-vignette or planning existing route, user can verify the validity of annual county e-vignette on the planned route.

Intelligent driver identification can be done by touching afreely placed NFC Tag (vignette) in the vehicle with smartphone or by identifying with help of a Bluetooth (iBeacon) paneland in both ways with the smartphone’s Smartkey application by entering the security code.

GPS-based parking makes ordinary urban traffic easy andprovides full service for drivers:
- Parking zone recognition and start parking payment
- Stops parking payment automatically by the movement of the vehicle with at least 250m
- Application message and/or confirmation SMS